Annual Migration
14 Jul

Kenya - Annual Wildebeest and Zebra migration reaches the Maasai Mara


June saw the arrival of the first of the herds from the big annual wildebeest migration into the southern reaches of the Masai Mara that have crossed over from Tanzania Serengeti National Park. During game drives, our guests have been experiencing wonderful sightings of the massed numbers of the animals that have now spread to other areas of the Reserve. The famed river crossings, fronted by dangers from crocodiles and drowning, have begun and we expect the big herds to congregate in July and August - with chances of predator thrilling chases and killings increasing daily.
Lovely herds of elephant are out on the plains feeding and there are cubs in all the lion prides. We have had fabulous cheetah and leopard sightings including 8 different cheetahs seen on one game drive.