Birding Experience
19 Days

Birding Experience

This 19 day tour will enable you to find around 600 species and also will take you through many spectacular habitats. You will experience some fantastic birding and excellent large game viewing, so there will always be something to draw the eye. You will also have a chance to walk in the forests and drive amongst the many large game animals that the plains as well as learn about different Cultures amongst the communities this tour will take you through.


  • Day 1: Arrive Nairobi

We will be at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport to meet and transfer you to the Fairview Hotel for your night stay
Dinner and night stay - FAIRVIEW HOTEL

  • Day 2: Nairobi - Naromoru

Breakfast and we meet at the lobby around 7:30am for introduction and safari briefing with Both your Bird Guide and Driver and later drive to the central part of Kenya stopping long the way on important bird areas like Blue post , Sagan area to arrive Naro Moru River lodge later in the day for Lunch and later do birding at the expansive lodge grounds scouting for new bird species as this place is ranked as one of the best bird watching sites in the world with a record of over 130 birds of different species having been recorded here in one day.
Dinner and night stay - NARO MORU RIVER LODGE

  • Day 3: Mt Kenya Region

Early morning bird walk , Breakfast and later drive to Serena Mountain Lodge stopping along the way to bird watch . Serena Mountain Lodge is located at 2,194 meters on the slopes of Mount Kenya; Serena Mountain Lodge is surrounded by a dense rainforest that comes alive at dusk with a myriad of sounds that make the African bush so special and exhilarating. Plenty to see here as you drive and walk along ? if need be we can arrange Picnic Lunch so that you take your time birding to arrive the lodge late afternoon and later go for a nature walk along the lodge grounds.
Dinner and spend evening enjoying watching wildlife coming to drink from the water hole found at the Lodge grounds.
Dinner and night stay - SERENA MOUNTAIN LODGE

  • Day 4: Samburu National Reserve

In the morning you will take a bird walk, and after breakfast you will depart for Samburu National Reserve birding on the way and also have an opportunity to stretch your legs and to enjoy more of Kenya's magnificent birdlife. In particular you will keep your eyes open for Long-tailed and Red-collared Widow birds along the roadside. Samburu is an arid reserve, thus presenting you with an avifauna completely different from what you have experienced so far. Your hosts here are the Samburu people, who are pastoralists, herding their cattle like their brothers in the South, the Maasai.
You will have a chance for an evening game drive in search of some of the many unique birds and animals that inhabit this park..
Dinner and night stay - SAMBURU INTREPIDS CAMP

  • Day 5: Samburu National Reserve

Spend 2 more days in Samburu with an option for morning and afternoon Game and Birding drives.
Samburu is one of the most exciting reserves in Kenya, and maybe even in greater East Africa. The semi-desert habitat and the rich woodlands along the Ewaso Ng’iro River are teeming with wildlife. Exploring this fantastic reserve will always produce a most overwhelming array of bird species, such as Hooded Vulture, Bateleur, Martial Eagle, African Hawk-Eagle, Crested Francolin, Yellow-necked Spur fowl, Vulturine Guinea fowl, Buff-crested and White-bellied Bustards, Black-faced and Lichtenstein's Sand grouse, Red-bellied Parrot, African Scops Owl, Pearl-spotted Owlet, Somali Bee eater, Purple Roller, Von der Decken's Hornbill, Red-and-yellow Barbet, Bearded Woodpecker, Pink-breasted Lark, Bare-eyed Thrush, Rosy-patched Bush shrike, Hunter's and Black-bellied Sunbirds, Golden-breasted and Fischer's Starlings, Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow-Weaver, and Cut-throat Finch, among others. Mammal life is also prolific, with many species not seen elsewhere on our tour. Just a few of the many possibilities are olive baboon, vervet, dwarf mongoose, Grevy's zebra, reticulated giraffe, Kirk's dik-dik, common waterbuck, gerenuk, and the magnificent beisa oryx.
All meals and stay - SAMBURU INTREPIDS CAMP

  • Day 6: Samburu - Baringo Island Camp

Early morning breakfast and today you drive to the heart of the Rift Valley stopping along the way to explore more birding areas ! We will arrange Picnic Lunch boxes so that you do not have to hurry to the Camp for Lunch!
Boat ride later in the afternoon to Island Camp for rest and later dinner and night stay - ISLAND CAMP BARINGO


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