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Our Story

Dawn in Africa Safaris offers attractive Kenya holiday deals on group and camping safari package as well as honeymoon package. We will arrange everything required in a safari tour and the good news is that you don’t have to pay extra money for all these. In single and all-inclusive tour package we will provide you everything needed for a safe and comfortable safari experience.

Kenya has a safari for anyone looking for fun, relaxation and adventure .Our safari packages include family-friendly vacations, romantic honeymoon packages and luxurious Kenyan safaris and affordable holidays – Optionally engage our well abled team to customize one for you.

About Us

DAWN SAFARIS as our name suggests is a new premier East African Safari outfitter for international travelers and tour agents- with us it is a new Dawn in Africa as we combine many years of wealth experience of its directors and consultants in designing and operating safaris with its expert guides in Kenya and Tanzania.

The only thing we love more than our beautiful country is being able to show it off to our guests.

That is why when you travel with Dawn Safaris you know you will be getting a guide who is just as enthusiastic about the safari as you are.

We always aim at providing the highest level of customer satisfaction as possible, through delivering quality products and excellent customer service every time. This is made possible by delivering the friendliest, most enjoyable, entertaining, informative and interactive tours in East Africa.


Discover the best camps and lodges in Kenya. We have a variety of accommodation types to suit anyone from families to honeymooners.

Whether you are looking for something rustic or more luxurious, we have knowledge to deliver the most authentic safari experience to suit you.

To us, setting is paramount, and our chosen lodges are expertly placed to ensure they perfectly complement the natural environment, some of which are ideal for walking or riding safaris. from the better known luxurious governor’s camps and elsa’s kopje to the community run luxury camps of ilngwesi and kioja starbeds and idyllic barefoot beach retreat of funzi keys, we can select those that will enhance your itinerary, in the perfect spot for wildlife or outstanding natural beauty.

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