31 Dec

If there is one place that online marketers have benefited from free online advertising is in Social networking. Apart from been one of the most effective strategies of gaining web presence, social sites help in enhancing business relationships. Social media networking websites record thousands of sign ups daily hence anyone that ignores these sites does it at his/her own peril. On facebook alone, there are over 800 million subscribers and the number is still growing. For people targeting the American market, records show that out of the 800 million facebook users, 300 million are from USA. This offers online marketers a perfect opportunity to reach the US market from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when you had to take a plane to do business abroad. Many people have seen the power of the internet and the prospects of free online advertising especially through social networking. Social media marketing is not the only free online advertising avenue, there are other strategies like blogging, article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing and the list goes on and on. The beauty of marketing on the internet is that you can integrate different advertising strategies to get more customers. Apart from generating direct traffic from strategies like article marketing, blogging, video marketing, forum marketing and social media marketing, these same tactics assist you in search engine optimization. This is why it is important that in any technique you decide to use to promote your business, you have to consider optimization. Remember, anything you do online you have to consider search engines and human beings. In the case of social media marketing, your profile is very important. Your user profile acts as a tool for free online advertising by simply optimizing. On this article we shall see the importance of screen name when it comes to social media advertising. Your screen name is very vital for online branding purposes. It is therefore recommended that after you have settled for a particular screen name; do not change or use different ones. Use the same user name through all the social sites you set up an account. With time people will start noticing your activities and identify you with your screen name. But before we get into the thick of things you may be asking, what is optimizationfree online advertising? This is the art of using common words or phrases that people in your niche enter in the search box as they browse the internet. There are tools like Google Keyword Tool or Keyword Winner that will help you to pick the right keywords. Search engines are not the only ones that have robots, social sites are also small search engines. On a site like facebook, you are provided with a search box where you can search for people you want to connect with. Therefore, for the purpose of free online advertisement you need to enter in your user profile words you know people in your niche will search for. Start by picking a screen name that is keyword based. Depending on the niche you are in; choose keywords that will expose you to more people in your niche as possible. Remember, the more targeted your fans are the higher the chances of generating revenue from home. Although some of the people enrolling in social media websites seek to link up together with old friends and also make new acquaintances, they likewise have various other necessities that require to be taken care of. As a business person, you know that anywhere that many people congregate there is an opportunity to generate money. All you have to do is to research and know what their preferences are and find ways to offer them what they need. Considering the free online advertising opportunity been offered by social media sites, every web based business individual ought to be aware of the need of owning an account. Here you will expose your products and services and as such make use of this free online advertising avenue. A key and vital aspect to remember prior to subscribing to any of social media site will be researching. This is in terms of using the right keywords, knowing the needs of your target audience and learning the language your potential customers use. This is particularly so if you desire to gain targeted fans or receive unique contacts. Your screen name serves as a marketing object; it is a personal online trademark and title that ought to always be clear to your targeted audience of what you are intending to deliver. A screen name should stand out so as to grab the interest of your target visitors. Apart from your screen name been optimized, it has to be captivating enough to capture the eye of your audience. You would better off taking your time searching for a good screen name before you sign up for an account. A screen name is a simple tool of free online advertising that you cannot ignore. You will be amazed just how your user profile name can help you gain online presence. By way of example, in case your internet home business is focused on promoting affiliate marketing e-books, then fiddle around with keyword phrases until you come up with a display screen identifier which relates to want you have to present. You can also research and see what other people in your niche are using as screen names. This will give you an overview and idea of what to go for. Once again, pay attention and make certain that your own screen name is luring! Some examples of optimized display names to employ include affiliatesecrets, videosecretebooks, freeaffiliate, just to mention but a few examples. Within your user profile be sure to incorporate your internet business web links and check to validate whether the links are really functioning perfectly. A link that does not work is a sign of un-professionalism thus can greatly affect your online credibility. Stories exist of folks who have from zero gained massive online targeted traffic to their online home based business websites and blogs from social sites by simply optimizing their user profile. Summary: The fact that you do not have money does mean you cannot promote your business online. There are several free online advertising strategies you can implement and still generate targeted traffic. Take advantage of social sites by optimizing your profile beginning with your screen name. Go on and use your targeted keywords throughout your profile. This way you will only link up with people interested in what you have to offer. The more targeted your views are the higher your chances of generating money online at home. Do you have something to add relating free online advertising on social media sites? Use the comment section provided below. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed for future blog updates on other online marketing techniques.