31 Dec

If there is something that remains a thorny issue in the blogging arena is definitely blog SEO (search engine optimization). Webmasters are constantly at the mercies of search engines. How can we forget the recent panda updates that affected both farm sites and some good blogs? This happened in January and it seems like yesterday; mainly because those that were affected will take some time before they recover. In fact, every so often some site is bound to be a victim of search engine optimization death. Since search engines keep on altering their algorithms at will, what does one do to succeed in blog SEO? The rules keep on changing and that means that you too need to re-adjust so as to remain relevant in the online world. As a work online marketer, you need to know some fundamentals of blog SEO. This is the main reason that I have published this post. To let you know the core elements of blog SEO and how to always stay ahead of the game. Below are 7 basic guidelines on Blog SEO: 1. Link build gradually: Many are the times when bloggers rush to link build in the name of making money fast. It is true that you can make money fast, but the long term effects of rushing your link building can be very disastrous to your blogging business. Normally, search engines prefer seeing backlinks growing gradually and naturally. Therefore, have a blend of link building tactics since it will appear natural to search engines. Personally, I use a combination of different backlink building strategies that include article marketing, social bookmarking, social media, creating other related blogs and most importantly guest blogging. With this kind of white hat blog SEO, you can be sure to remain in the good books of search engines. Even as you implement these blog SEO strategies, do not do it fast. Having too many backlinks in a short time will only raise a red flag even if the links are from top rated sites. Hence to avoid being penalized go slow on boosting your link popularity. 2. Have a strategy: A cautious approach to blog SEO will help you grow as you are working online. This is especially so when you are implementing social media marketing. There are bloggers who go out and create several profiles on a social site like facebook or twitter. All this they do in the name of boosting their site ranking. Yes, you will have more backlinks but what is the point of doing all that in one day. The best thing to do is to have a strategy so as not to appear spammy. Pick one strategy at a time and implement in phases. Bombarding the internet with low quality links will only result in you hurting your credibility and eventually your online presence. Make sure that every link you create is adding value to both your target audience and your blog SEO ambitions. In short, move one step at a time. blog seo tips3. Follow Blog SEO set guidelines: If there is one thing that we cannot escape, are the constant changes of search engine algorithms. I personally understand, because search engines will do anything to improve their browsers’ experience. For search engines to remain in business, they must endeavor to deliver quality search results to their users. The same applies to your blog, you cannot expect to make money from blogging if you do not give your visitors quality. It is with this in mind that you must be up to date with the guidelines of the various search engines. Periodically, read the Google, Yahoo and Bing SEO guidelines and make sure you adhere to them. Learn the white blog SEO strategies and stick to them. Do not be tempted to try the black hats tactics even if others in your niche are doing it. They may get away with in today, but sooner or later they will be caught in the net of another panda update. 4. Be patient: This is a critical virtue when it comes to blog SEO. It may be a bitter pill to swallow especially to the newbies but that is the truth. You must be ready to wait if you want your blog to rank high. Normally, it takes a while before search engines can trust your blog and rank it high. To some it can take a up to 1 year depending on your niche. Thus do not expect to make money fast if you want to generate unique traffic from search engines. Blog SEO is a gradual process that you need to work on one step at a time while observing the laid down rules. Though it may take a while, but the day you get to the top you will sure reap a hundred folds. In addition, you need to realize that the internet keeps evolving and so to remain at the top you need to move with the times. 5. Research for keywords: The driving force of blog SEO is definitely keywords. Personally, the first programs I open when I put on my computer are my keyword search tools. Getting to know the right keywords that are used by the people you intent to target is critical. To start on the right footing, you must select the right keywords to use on your blog. Do not go for a keyword only because is sounds good to you, what matters most is what your target audience are searching for. Some of the free tools you can use include Bing webmaster tool, Google Trends, Google keyword tool and google insight. 6. Integrate top online marketing strategies: On this blog you will find articles that go into details about the various top work online marketing strategies. Mostly, the blog posts I share are personal experiences that I have had with each marketing strategy. Before I share any tactic, I test it out to make sure that I talk from experience. One strategy that I have known to guarantee results is integrating different internet marketing arsenals. Using various tactics ensures search engines view your blog SEO as natural. Therefore, incorporate all your marketing strategies in your online working schedule. content is king7. Content: I chose to mention this as the last point, but ideally it should be the first. The one thing that you can never go wrong when it gets to blog SEO is content generation. The main reason that the internet was invented was because of sharing content. This tells you that no matter how much the algorithms keep changing, the one element that will forever remain constant is Content. Anytime you hear the word content being mentioned it means all forms of content. This includes blogging, videos, micro blogs, newsletters, whitepaper, web pages, press release and so forth. This are the various elements that you need to work on to ensure that your blog SEO bears fruit in the long run. As you draft your content, make certain that you are adding value to your readers. It is OK to optimize your content, but do not forget that people are the ones who will be buying your products and not search engines. Hence as you look to be successful in blog SEO; your content needs to be readable and easily understood by your target audience.