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Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Soaring with Dawn Tours & Safaris: Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Picture yourself suspended in the sky, gently carried by the breeze above the mesmerizing landscapes of Masai Mara. Below, the world unfolds as a vibrant mosaic of savannah grasslands, alive with wildlife. Welcome to the enchanting realm of a hot air balloon safari, an experience that truly defines ‘once in a lifetime.

Setting Sail at Sunrise

Our hot air balloon safaris commence at the crack of dawn, approximately at 6 am. As the sun paints the sky in shades of orange and gold, you’ll gracefully ascend above the plains1. From this elevated perch, spot a myriad of wildlife, from elegant giraffes to majestic elephants, graceful gazelles, and submerged hippos.

A Majestic Aerial Panorama of Masai Mara

The flight spans about an hour, providing a unique opportunity to witness wildlife from an entirely novel perspective. Observe the rhythmic movement of wildebeest herds, the deliberate strides of elephants heading to a watering hole, or a regal pride of lions basking in the morning sun2.

Champagne Bush Breakfast Extravaganza

The adventure continues post-landing with a ‘Champagne Bush Breakfast’ amid the untamed wilderness1. Revel in a delectable meal amidst the African bush, complete with attentive staff and a hearty hot breakfast1. It serves as the perfect culmination to your hot air balloon safari, an experience to be savoured.

Tailored Experience for You

Our hot air balloon safaris cater to all guests within the reserve or private conservancies2. Prices for the 2023 ~ 2024 season range from US$ 455 to US$ 515 per person, contingent on the camp or lodge you choose as your launchpad in Masai Mara1. Special rates for children under 12 years of age are available in certain cases.