1/2 Day
Nairobi National Park Day Excursion | Excursion At Nairobi National Park

1/2 Day | Nairobi National Park

Day 1: Nairobi National Park

Lions sleep all day and hunt in the evening, most of the cats are active just before and after sunset and this is when we take our guests on night game drives. With a spotter and a light we look and listen for the animals, it's an amazing experience. Animal behaviour is quite different at night so observing the animals in the dark is a big part of any safari.
Our night game drives in Nairobi National Park are conducted by experienced driver-guides in our safari cruisers or land cruisers that are fitted with powerful lights for proper sightseeing at night.
The powerful game spotting spotlights, a game spotter or game ranger in the vehicle helps you to see animals such as Rhinos, leopards, lions, giraffes, topi, wildebeest, zebras, elands, hartebeest, night owls, hares, dik-dik among many others.
Nairobi National Park Night Game Drives depart daily at 1900 Hours to 2200 Hours when you return back to your hotel for dinner or 2100 Hours to 0000 Hours after you have enjoyed dinner at your hotel. We are more than happy to extend the night drive in case a guest wishes to stay out longer.