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Mt Kenya National Park

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The snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya, the 2nd highest point in Africa at 5199m.

Mt Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya National Park is located to the east of the Great Rift Valley, about 175km North-East of Nairobi. The ecosystem lies in Central and Eastern provinces of Kenya. At 5,199m the mountain is the second highest peak in Africa. Mt. Kenya is an important water tower in the country. It provides water for about 50% of the country?s population and produces 70% of Kenya?s hydroelectric power.

UNESCO inscribed Mount Kenya as a World Heritage Site. Its described as one of the most impressive landscapes in Eastern Africa with its rugged glacier-clad summits, Afro-alpine moorlands and diverse forests that illustrate outstanding ecological processes.

Quick Facts

  • Area: 590 sq kms (228 sq miles)
  • Altitude: 5,199m

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