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Nairobi National Park

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The worlds closest park to a city.

Nairobi National Park

Background information
Established in 1946, covering just 117 KM (44 square miles), situated just around the Embakasi River, the Nairobi National Park gives visitors a chance to indulge in pure African Safari, just at the footsteps of a major urban center.

It majorly consists of typical, original Kenyan landscape such as plains, forests, steep gorges and lush vegetation along the banks of Embakasi River. It also has a high altitude savanna landscape with acacia trees doting across the open plains.

Popularly known for its Black Rhinoceros sanctuary, Nairobi National Park is a haven for wildlife. The sanctuary protects more than 50 of these critically endangered creatures. This is therefore the best place to see these animals in their environment. There are no Elephants in this national park but four of the popularly known ‘Big five’ (lions, leopards, Buffalos and Rhinos) can be seen here. Zebras, wildebeest, giraffes and gazelles roam the sun soaked savanna here whereas crocodiles and Hippopotamuses can often be spotted along the Embakasi River.

Nairobi Safari Walk is a popular attraction offering animal lovers the chance to spot wildlife on foot and walking trails weave around the area known as hippo pools.

Interested in special moments?
We have you sorted as Nairobi National Park is known for being a famous ivory burning site. The former President Moi ignited 12 tons of Elephant tusks and Rhino tusks here, boosting the countries conservation image on the world stage. Today a monument marks this historic site.

Intriguingly, at the parks main gate, you can bond with orphaned baby elephants and Rhinos at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Nairobi National Park is attracts over 150,000 visitors who come to the park every year to see the native African wildlife. Why not carry a notebook, a spotter’s guide, a camera as well as plenty of water when going on this safari?
This is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

Quick Facts

  • Area: 45.26 sq miles
  • Altitude: 1600m - 1500m

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