Beach Holidays Extensions

Beach Holidays Extensions

As you dream about your ultimate safari in Kenya, you may envision riding in a safari vehicle watching the passing savanna plains. The thrill of maybe witnessing the birth of a Zebra foal or watching a skillful lioness takes down her kill. Perhaps you anticipate the heart pounding pace of the Great wild beast migration in Masai Mara National Reserve. What you may not consider, though, is spending your days along white sand beaches as turquoise water washes upon your feet. Unfurl your towel, place it on the fine grains of sand, lay back and enjoy the rejuvenating rays of the sun. Beaches are one of the great pleasures of life – they have an incredible healing power and are perfect for a therapeutic holiday.
Believe it or not Kenya is a phenomenal coastal destination. Best of all, some of the idyllic beaches and islands of Kenya like

  • Msambweni
  • Funzi
  • Chechale (Malindi)
  • Galu
  • Lamu

Offer utter solitude with varied aquatic and terrestrial experiences. The contrast of the soft white sand and azure blue water lulls you into the enchantment of Kenya’s many sea shores. Each beachfront setting offers a unique experience to suit the personal style of every guest.  

Mombasa North Coast Beach Experience
Linked to the mainland by the Nyali Bridge, Mombasa’s North coast is a haven for seaside and water lovers alike. Interrupted only by the mouth of the Kilifi creek, the white sand beaches extend as far as the eye can see and just below the surface of the internationally recognized location for reef and wall diving as well as wreck diving. The Four beaches on the North Coast
  • Nyali
  • Bamaburi
  • Shanzu
  • Kikambala
They draw thousands of visitors each year, as do the large sea front hotels and resorts that overlook the Indian Ocean. North Coast Mombasa has several sea side accommodations located in distinct areas of the coastal town.
  • Bahari Beach Hotel
  • Bamburi Beach Hotel
  • Neptune Beach Resort
  • Sarova White sands Beach Resort and SPA
  • Serena Beach Resort and SPA
  • Mombasa Beach Hotel
  • Nyali international Beach Hotel

Mombasa South Coast Beach experience
Only accessible by Ferry or air, is an idyllic sea side destination where you receive impeccable, personalized services in some of the luxurious boutique accommodations that are perfect for when you want to retreat into a coastal paradise. The most renowned beach is where you find most of the south coast resorts. Dawn in Africa Safaris Recommends that you take full advantage of the sand and surf by partaking on the many water activities such as sun bathing in beautiful white sand beaches, swimming, diving, and snorkeling in spectacular marine waters of the Indian ocean. All of which are available at the time of planning your trip to Kenya.