Nairobi Snake Park


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Opened in January 1961, the Nairobi Snake Park is a distinct herpetology attraction that works to promote and preserve the snakes and reptiles that are found in Kenya. The snake displays were first located at the Nairobi National Museum entrance, but later the museum trustees acquired land in front of the museum and along the Nairobi River that now serves as a botanical garden and location for live snake exhibits.

The Nairobi Snake Park is not only a curious public attraction, but the peaceful grounds also offer a quiet setting to relax and absorb a small piece of the distinctive urban-natural beauty that is found in Kenya. In addition to the snake displays, Dawn In Africa tour visitants will also find displays of marine and freshwater fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and small mammals, as well as invertebrates, such as Mombasa train millipede, freshwater prawn, giant snail, crayfish, baboon spider and many other species.

In addition to the public displays, the conservation park leads many other efforts to protect and preserve the creatures, such as a rescue and rehabilitation program for reptiles that are abandoned, confiscated and subjected to illegal collection. Community-based programs include education on aquarium fish and reptiles, snake removal from homes, education to reduce snake bites and snake identification services.

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